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The SPP 2299 Instagram Page is Live!

The SPP 2299 is making a splash over on Instagram. This is where we will be highlighting the research conducted through the projects across our programme. We will highlight our labs, field work and feature some interviews with scientists to feature the work our programme will focus on over the next couple of years. Check it out here!

Global reef systems and tropical ecosystems, like the beautiful tropical region in Arno Atoll in the West Pacific Ocean, are under threat.

Climate change, in particular rising tropical sea surface temperatures, is the greatest threat to coral reef ecosystems today. Warming continues to reach new records. 2021 was the 7th consecutive year (2015-2021) where global temperatures were 1°C above pre-industrial levels, according to the @wmo_omm. The @IPCC highlights that almost all warm-water coral reefs are likely to suffer significant losses of area and experience local extinction, even if global warming is limited to 1.5°C. Additionally marine heatwaves and extreme ENSO events are likely to increase, which are events often linked to large coral bleaching events. Assessing how future warming will change coral reef ecosystems and tropical climate variability is therefore of extreme urgency.

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Drone footage was taken on Arno Atoll Bikarej provided by Eddie Beetham (current coastal scientist with @tonkintaylor). Field work and science originally funded by the Marsden Fund @royalsocietynz

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