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Project Name: SPP 2299: Tropical Climate Variability and Coral Reefs. A Past-to-Future Perspective on Current Rates of Change at Ultra-High Resolution

Coordination: Thomas Felis, Miriam Pfeiffer

Data Management Contact: Jessica Hargreaves –

Funder: DFG

Scope and Principles

This data management policy applies to all research projects funded through the DFG-funded Priority Programme “Tropical Climate Variability and Coral Reefs – A Past to Future Perspective on Current Rates of Change at Ultra-High Resolution” (SPP 2299). The aim of this policy is to provide guidance for data handling within the Priority Programme and covers any project that has or will generate or work with research data.

There are three parts to this management plan, the generalised daily operations of data management; long-term availability, archiving and publication of datasets (for example using PANGAEA); and the long-term availability, archiving (primarily using PANGAEA or other appropriate databases) and publication of code (through Zenodo).

For full details on the data management plan see the full policy here –