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Seasonal to decadal tropical Sea Surface Temperature variability from corals: timescale dependent fidelity of δ18O and Sr/Ca records

The Coral Climate Variance (CorCliV) project will enhance our knowledge of tropical sea-surface-temperature (SST) variability at seasonal to decadal timescales by modelling the processes of coral climate proxy creation and determining their effect on the recovered signal of past SST. The project will focus on how well δ18O and Sr/Ca proxies in corals record the amplitude of SST variation at different timescales, the effect this has on calibration sensitivity, and the type and timescale of climate events we should be able to see in the coral record.Outcomes of the project will be a comprehensive proxy-system-model for coral archived geochemical climate proxies, a model of the timescale dependent reduction in climate signal amplitude in coral proxies and its effect on the SST sensitivity of calibration equations, and an assessment of the suitability of each existing coral record for climate studies on different timescales.

Principle Investigator

Andrew Dolman (AWI Potsdam)

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